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We are offering free Gurmukhi to Shahmukhi and Shahmukhi to Gurmukhi Classes online.

Our ancestors who migrated in 1947 to East Punjab from West Punjab or to West Punjab from East Punjab knew Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi scripts of Punjabi Languages. Do you know Gurmukhi and want to learn Shahmukhi, or you know Shahmukhi and want to learn Gurmukhi? So that you can read and understand literature of the respective script and reconnect with the rich heritage that you have been separated from for over 70 years.

Jeevay Sanjha Punjab offer free online classes for you to learn:
a)    Shahmukhi from Gurmukhi
b)    Gurmukhi from Shahmukhi.

These classes help the people of Punjab to transcend national borders to create more understanding and mutual respect between Punjabis on both sides of border. It is time for our generation to learn from our history and reconnect with the rich heritage of Sanjha Punjab by learning both scripts of Punjabi.

In our project, ‘Visardi Virasat,’ i.e. ‘Forgotten Haritage,’ we cover such operational/ non operational historical places in East and West Punjab. We cover the ancient mosques, Gurdwaras and Temples on both sides of border. Also, there are many other non religious historical places or buildings, which we are covering in this project.

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