Mission and Vision

Jeevay Sanjha Punjab is a team of dedicated souls working on both sides of border to promote love, peace and understanding between Charda (East) and Lehnda (West) Punjab.

Baba Farid ji Ganjshakar was once presented with a pair of scissors by a devotee. Baba ji returned them saying –“I am a weaver, not a divider. Give me thread, not  scissors.”

With these words, Baba Farid ji cleared the idea that he was there to bring people together, not to divide them. His motive was to spread love and to end hatred among people with differences. He was a Flag-Bearer of unity and togetherness. 

Taking inspiration from ‘Thread, not scissors’ of Baba Farid ji, Purva Masaud, a student from Pakpattan, the home city of Baba Farid ji, founded Jeevay Sanjha Punjab in April 2020, with a vision to bridge the gap between East and West Punjab, created by Punjab Partition 1947. We started this journey to promote love, peace and understanding between the people on both sides of the border. We are striving hard to bring people on one platform and to show them that no matter border has separated Punjab but we are one. Our love can not be changed by the border between us.

Punjab has a rich history of more than 5,000 years and people of Punjab were living together with love and peace for centuries, until the bloody storm of 1947 destroyed that love and peace of Punjab. Punjab was divided and Punjabis had to migrate to the other lost side losing their homes, their heritage, and their historical places. This partition has not just separated loved ones from their families but also seperated people from their sacred historial places of worship. With different projects of Jeevay Sanjha Punjab, we are working on different aspects of history, heritage, language and culture of Punjab and are trying to connect them with their roots and their lost background so as to promote love by eliminating the differences in mindsets created by the Punjab Partition 1947.

After partition, people on both sides migrated in accordance to the severity of circumstances but it was impossible to bring their heritages and historical places with them. With our team on both sides of the border, we cover the partition stories, interview the eyewitnesses of partition and also show them the places on the other side where they lived before partition. We show the Mosques, Temples and Gurdwaras on the other side of the border where they wish to worship but can’t go there. We make documentaries on the historical incidents, places and the personalities of Punjab to make Punjabis aware of richness of their history. Our Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi classes bring Punjabis closer each other. Our objectives of “Seva” are selflessly centered on bringing people across the borders closer to each other by showing the similarity of history, heritage, language and culture prejudice and hatred so as to form a bond of mutual understanding between east and west Punjab.