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Jeevay Sanjha Punjab is bridging the gap between Charda (East) and Lehnda (West) Punjab.

Baba Farid Ji Ganjshakar was once presented with a pair of scissors by a devotee. Baba Ji returned them saying 'Give me Thread, Not Scissors. I am a weaver, not a divider.' Taking Inspiration from this, Jeevay Sanjha Punjab is working on two points:
Connecting with Roots
We connect Punjabis with their history, heritage, language and culture.
Connecting with Each Other.
We Connect Punjabis who were separated by partition of Punjab in 1947.

Inspiration of Jeevay Sanjha Punjab: "Give Me Thread! Not Scissors. I am a Weaver, Not a Divider." (Baba Farid Ji)

History, Mission and Vision

Our Journey

We started our Journey in April, 2020.

Taking inspiration from ‘Thread, not scissors’ of Baba Farid ji, Purva Masaud, a student from Pakpattan, the home city of Baba Farid ji, founded Jeevay Sanjha Punjab in April 2020, with a vision to bridge the gap between East and West Punjab, created by Punjab Partition 1947. We started this journey to promote love, peace and understanding between the people on both sides of the border. In our various projects, we focus on the following points:
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