Visardi Virasat

Consequences of Partition 1947

The Lost Heritage

Before Partition of Punjab in 1947, people of all faiths lived peacefully in Punjab together practicing their faiths relatively. After partition, Punjabi Muslims migrated to Lehnda Punjab and Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus migrated to Charda Punjab. With their native places, they also had to leave their religious/ historical places, many of which are now in ruins.
Raising Voice to Preserve

Visardi Virasat

In our project, ‘Visardi Virasat,’ i.e. ‘Forgotten Heritage,’ we cover such operational/ non operational historical places in East and West Punjab. We cover historical mosques, Gurdwaras and Temples on both sides of the border. Also, there are many other non-religious historical places or buildings, which we are covering in this project.

Heritage Videos